VOASA Code of Conduct

This Code is intended to govern business practices within the Shared Vacation Ownership Industry by protecting the interest of both consumers and the industry and promoting an equitable, negotiated balance between these interests.  The Code is a codification of accepted principles and it seeks to provide for the continued self-regulation of the industry. As such, the Code does not replace whatever rights or remedies a consumer may have by virtue or any agreement, the common law or any Act of Parliament.

The objective of the Code is to maintain an equitable balance between the interests of consumers and those of the Industry, through fostering and maintaining enhanced levels of service, a high standard of business ethics and sound business practices, so as to enhance the positive image and viability of the Industry.

VOASA recently updated the provisions of the Code applicable to consumers who own usage rights in timeshare schemes, and introduced an internal Code applicable to VOASA members only. Both of these Codes were approved by the VOASA members on the 11th of September 2014.