Board of Directors

VOASA is the self-regulatory body of the Shared Vacation Ownership industry and its Board of Directors are appointed annually at its AGM, from representatives active in the various fields of the industry. The various membership categories have the following representation:

The Developer Category appoints four members and the Brokers, Exchange, Managing Agents and Owners Associations categories each elect one member to serve on the board. The Board appoints a General Manager to administer the secretariat activities.


N. Beekman
J.W. Meyer
A.N. Ridl
J. Lee (Chairman)
D. Manikis P.Lishman D.P. Viljoen W. Dickson


Unresolved industry matters are referred to the office of the Ombud. The Ombud is an independent person appointed by the Board of the Association to preside over a complaint process referred to in the Code and to hand down a formal and binding decision in the matter.

VOASA Complaints Procedure

1.   The consumer / member must first engage the supplier / member to resolve the query.

2.   In the event that the complaint remains unresolved for a period of 8 (eight) weeks the consumer may then lodge a complaint with the office of the Ombud in the prescribed format (Complaint Form below).

3.  The Ombud will forward a copy of the complaint to the VOASA member / service provider concerned together with any additional information which it deems to be appropriate.

4.   The member will have 14 (fourteen) days to attempt to resolve the complaint directly with the complainant and will advise the Ombud of any resolution achieved.

5.   If the Complainant confirms that the member has addressed the complaint then the complaint will be deemed to have been resolved and the office of the Ombud will take no further action except to verify the resolution of the matter with the complainant.

6.   If the Complainant is not satisfied that the complaint has been satisfactorily resolved within 14 (fourteen) days, then the Ombud will notify the   member that it has 5 (five) days from the date of delivery of any such notification to respond to the complaint in writing and to provide any additional information that it deems to be appropriate.

7.   A case fee payable by the member will then be raised by the Ombud to consider the complaint.

8.   Following the receipt of the member’s response, or the expiry of the time period for the delivery of any such response, the Ombud will review the complaint considering the following:

      8.1  the complaint;

      8.2  any response the member has made to the complaint;

      8.3  this Code;

      8.4  the relevant legal requirements;

      8.5  any other material relevant to the complaint, as supplied by the complainant, the member or the Ombud; and

      8.6  the Ombud may in addition request that the complainant, the member, or both, furnish additional information relating to the complaint.

9.  The Ombud will be required to resolve any dispute of fact on a balance of probabilities.

10. On the basis of all of the information and evidence presented, the Ombud will strive to achieve a resolution to a complaint which is acceptable to both sides.

11. Failing which the Ombud will consider all of the information available and make a decision considered and decided on its own merits.

12. The Ombud may settle the matter on the basis of:

      12.1  an apology;

      12.2  an explanation as to the correct position or what went wrong;

      12.3  a practical action to correct the problem;

      12.4  a financial award; and / or

      12.5  a compliance order.

13. If the Ombud determines that there has been a breach of this Code, then the Ombud must determine appropriate sanctions.

Should any member of the public have a complaint regarding a VOASA member they are invited to complete the complaint form below and submit their documentation to:

Vacation Ownership Association of Southern Africa

P.O. Box 2823 Durbanville 7551

Telephone Nr:     021 914 9693

Fax Nr:                  086 611 6619

Email us:    


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